Maryland 50 Years Ago

Old Town Mall Baltimore Maryland
Maryland is a state rich with American history from the construction of the Chesapeake Bay bridge to baseball player Frank Robinson's winning of the triple crown. Several major history-making events took place in Maryland 50 years ago. Here we will mention some of those events. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge The Chesapeake Bay... [read more]

Head to Head: 2017 Honda HR-V vs. 2017 Ford Escape

escape vs hr-v
The small crossover SUV segment is among the most competitive on the market, so many Maryland drivers find themselves wondering which model is right for them. The 2017 Honda HR-V and Ford Escape are both excellent models with successful histories and the versatility most drivers need in an SUV. Because... [read more]

Which Hondas Can You Find Certified Pre-Owned?

certified pre-owned
When you start searching for your next vehicle, you may find yourself choosing between a new, used, and certified pre-owned Honda. Not all models will be certified since this requires passing a rigorous inspection and meeting certain requirements. Because of this, you may want to know which Hondas you will... [read more]

Cat Meme Madness

Cat Meme Madness Fallston
Let’s face it. Sometimes you need to de-stress and add a little cuteness to your day. While many may play games on their phones or blast a feel-good song through their earbuds while sitting at their desk… you should not underestimate the power of the ever popular “Cat Memes”. There... [read more]

7 Reasons to Love the 2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot
As soon as you take the 2017 Honda Pilot on a test drive around Maryland, you will fall in love with it. This SUV is affordable, spacious enough for the entire family, incredibly safe, and comfortable. It is great for families or anyone who needs some extra cargo room or... [read more]

Minvan Showdown: Honda Odyssey vs. Dodge Grand Caravan

Honda Odyssey vs. Dodge Grand Caravan
Searching for the right minivan to drive your family around Maryland doesn’t have to be a challenge even with so many great choices on the market. The Honda Odyssey and Dodge Grand Caravan are both excellent minivans known for their safety, comfort, and versatility. However, one tends to make more... [read more]

Fun Ways to Use the Built-In Trunk in Your Honda Ridgeline

Built-In Trunk
The 2017 Honda Ridgeline introduced a range of new features to the market, such as its innovative tailgate, the speakers built into the truck bed, and the built-in trunk under the truck bed. This trunk is a truly useful feature, as it is drainable as well as lockable. You can... [read more]

Ring in the New Year at One of these Maryland Events

New Years Events Fallston
2016 is coming to a close soon. You can start your 2017 New Year planning now. Enjoy some dazzling celebrations and ring in the new year with a bang in Maryland. There is plenty of New Year extravaganzas just waiting for you. This is the top place to ring in... [read more]

Extreme Style on the Honda Civic Type R Prototype

honda civic type r prototype
Honda Type R models are known for being a very rare breed and offering the top performance. In fact, it is such an exclusive label that the NSX, Integra, and Civic have had Type R. Out of these, the Honda Civic Type R had the longest run. However, it has... [read more]

Making Resolutions You can Stick With

2017 New Years Resolutions Fallston
There are some resolutions that you will make and quickly turn away from, and those are the kinds of resolutions that you need to avoid. Instead, find some things that you know will be good for your body and make them a habit. Start off with a resolution that will... [read more]